What does Acting means?

Acting to me means playing with imagination. Sometimes when people are alone, we form fantasy, thoughts and ideas but we keep it to ourselves. Acting and generally art, to me, is a medium to express, a medium to open up our minds.

Johnny Depp is a brilliant actor, everyone loves him. So do I.
The feature Image shows a quote I really love from him.


“With any part you play, there is a certain amount of yourself in it. There has to be, otherwise it’s just not acting. It’s lying.”

Zine stage 2: Z. Drafts & References

I started on this project by brainstorming and drawing out the draft some sample products on isometric papers before transferring them onto the blue paper:

Image (53)


Image (51)


Image (52)




After deciding on what the overall idea of the zine will be, I went on to further research and develop on the blueprint designs. I downloaded more references and studied on the layout of a blueprint. Here are some references:

blueprint title block reference
blueprint title block reference






Here are some discovery after my research:

  • The white-on-blue photographic print are commonly drawings used to design buildings and vehicles
  • A blueprint used to consist of white lines on a blue background. A more recent process uses blue lines on a white background.
  • The title block on a blueprint contains the drawing number, the name of the part or assembly that the blueprint represents, and all information required to identify the part or assembly.
  • The title block also includes the name and address
  • of the organization preparing the drawing, the scale, drafting record, authentication and the date.

I referenced some of the title block that I ‘ve found and created my own ridiculous title block:






Zine stage 1: Initial ideas and research~

Idea 1.

Focusing on the art direction

I’ve always wanted to make an art piece similar to the style of JIMI…Similar to my ego project in sem 1, I want to try out watercolour-ing again because I really like the watercolour effects~


However, although I really really really wanted to try his illustration style, I kind of have second thought about whether this approach is appropriate and feasible.

The risk I would have to take if I follow idea 1:

  • It’s my second time trying out watercolour-ing and I might not have enough time to make it look like how I want it to look like.
  • To be honest, I felt that my Ego project was not very well done because I decided to try out this new style last minute.
  • I feel that I may not be good enough in watercolour-ing  to portray the idea that I want to portray.
  • I haven’t really thought of the concept if I want to go along with this style of art.

I was in a dilemma and I dwelled on this idea for a pretty long period. I also tried out the watercolour-ing style during the long weekend:

The more we hold, the more we lose…

Idea 2

Focusing on the concept

The second idea focuses more on the concept and was actually inspired by my previous project research about this artist who did the photo manipulation of the different everyday products to make it look useless.

Giuseppe Colarusso

My idea was actually to draw the detailed  ‘useless’  products on blueprint papers and make a blueprint book. While I was researching about this artist, I find the concept of making everyday objects less useful just by changing some components of them very interesting and it allows me to explore many different objects and perspectives. It also allows me to think out of the box.

Here are some of the ideas I’ve thought of:



The blueprint formats:






Point of view stage 2: Artist research and my first step

I apologize in advance for this long post because I tend to collate everything together first and review them over and over again before uploading them. So...here it goes? 
Idea 1.

If I am to work on the book cover idea, there are 5 things I would have to think about:

  • The title
  • The font of the title
  • The slogan
  • The settings in the photo
  • The composition

The following are some reference book cover ideas which might help me for this project.

Book cover design ideas:

book-cover-design-ideas3 book-cover-design-ideas6

book-cover-designs2 underthedome

tallgrass paris

talesofchekhov skingame blackseconds theoppositehouse

Photography manipulation artist research

Giuseppe Colarusso:

Switzerland-born Italian artist Giuseppe Colarusso has a strange fetish for making everyday objects totally unusable. The reason why I like his photos is because they are all very mind-blowing and out of the box.

photomanipulations-giuseppe-colarusso-mister-solo-19 photomanipulations-giuseppe-colarusso-mister-solo-15 photomanipulations-giuseppe-colarusso-mister-solo-14

Somehow in each photo, there is a puzzle to solve…



I feel that it would be quite interesting if I try to the combine the idea of transformation with the idea of books…so for example in a composition I could try to add or change some element to a book (for eg. wings).

Idea 2.

Photography illustration artist research

Besides photography manipulation, I also thought of exploring photography illustration.

Johan Thörnqvist:

In my opinion, Johan Thörnqvist work is just….wow fantastic!!!! I’m really in love with his art work. Okay…just take a few minutes to scroll through and be thrown away by his impressive art pieces guys~











The illustration artist, Johan Thörnqvist enhances ordinary photographs by doodling little characters and buildings on them. By doing so, he turns each and every single pieces of photo into a completely different world using his imagination.

I think that photography illustration is actually an interesting technique and I would like to try it because by doing so I can create a balance between the real world and the imaginary world. Also, by doing so, I can actually solve my dilemma on whether I want to do something new which is digital photography or stick to illustration. 🙂

My progress so far:

For the previous project, I immediately had an idea about what is the overall concept I wanted to work on, which is Pandora box. However right now the biggest problem for me is actually the overall theme. So far I have decided on the idea I wanted to explore – which is the book but I have decided on a medium which I am not very familiar with this time.

Actually, I have started exploring a bit on it. I started by taking some photos and right now I’m still thinking about how I want to include the illustration inside (stay tuned for ‘Point of View stage 3)

These are some photos I took:







Working on the ideas:

  • Books from the POV of a bookshelf are residents
  • Book from the POV of a bookworm is an escape.

I kind of have a rough overall concept in mind – I want to create a story out of the 6 compositions. However, I don’t feel that the concept is solid enough yet. Any ideas?