Project Update 3

Continuation of costume design


Testing out the boning on the mannequin with Gladys’s dress. Interestingly, the boning complements her costume rather well.


Exploring different possible designs. Black tape was first used to secure the joints together.



Final design of boning with skirt. After determining the design, I sewed the joints together to make it more sturdy and seamless.


Next, the light strip had to be sewn to the hem of the skirt. Wires were then soldered to the lilypad and range sensor.


Also, a hole had to be made to insert the range sensor on the skirt. I decided to place it in the middle of the skirt’s waistband.




Randall also created sound pieces for all of us to dance to. Mine consists of very haunting and eerie sounds. I find that this sound piece helped when doing my choreography as initially I found it a bit of a challenge to dance without music.


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  1. Good update! I am curious how the sound propelled your movement. Did it put you in a certain mood? Did its texture make you feel like moving as though swimming or moving with the wind? Music has a powerful effect on the body and it is interesting to explore this relationship particularly in the context of dance.

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