Project update 4

Completing the costume

This is a video of the electronics on the skirt. The wires were still loose so it only worked on occasion or when I touched a part of the skirt.


Minor tweaks were made after this to ensure the connection was secured. Also, a layer of hot glue was put over the wires to prevent short-circuiting and to insulate the metal because my skirt burned halfway through one of the rehearsals.




Gladys and I combined our choreography during one of our rehearsals. When Angeline saw the new choreography, she gave us some feedback. She liked the variety in levels and the use of space. She told us not to change the movement but to think about the pace of some of our movements. Some of the movements could be faster and others could be slower. At times, there could even be complete stillness. She also said that on the instances when our movements are fast, she would contrast hers to be slow and vice versa.




I felt like the conference added to the level of collaboration in the project Touch. The discussion between the dancers and in the UK, Angeline, Randall and Galina were very insightful. I also found it interesting that one of the professors in the UK was working on proximity sensors on his own costume. Overall, it was a very good experience to present all our ideas.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your work and process on the movement. I am curious to know how all the elements of costume, wearable, movement, and music come together for you. I would suggest that you explore these relationships in your final hyperessay in order to synthesize the experience. I thought the lighting of your wearable was very effective in the workshop/performance and really stood out as an interesting element in the video.

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