4D Artist Statement

Artist Statement

‘Perceiving the Mind’ uses silhouette projections onto a tent to explore the irrational feeling of insecurity and doubt that may surface in one’s psyche. Applying references from Kara Walker’s Darkytown rebellion, our work aims to project fiction onto reality with silhouettes. While shadows give the impression of a physical presence, it may not equate to what is really happening. Our work hopes to prompt the viewers into acknowledging their personal thoughts and feelings after experiencing the work.



I really enjoyed the process of creating the installation. I learned so much about how a space can immerse the viewer into the work and how as the artist, our choices manipulate or control the viewer to experience the work. There was a sense of accomplishment in seeing our classmates enter the tent and watch the projection. I feel like I learned so much from the other groups through their feedback as well as through their own final projects.

Overall, this was a great and fun experience and I am thankful for this class!

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