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Task 3: Deliverable 1_Final Artwork


Name of Company: One United Nation

Purpose: To spark conversations and create awareness regarding racial issues in Singapore.

Campaign: Serve as an activist that aims to conduct the 3-step activity programme in schools, offices and other gatherings or social events: 

  • Step 1: Briefing regarding company, campaign & racial issues, Q&A or thought-sharing session & briefing of board game instructions
  • Step 2: Board Game Play
  • Step 3: Debrief, Reflection, Q&A or thought-sharing session, Brochure & Pin handout

Deliverables 1, 2 and 3 are meant to be a series that aims to take a light-hearted approach in dealing with racial privilege in Singapore.

I am acting in the role of an activist that plan to disseminate my message through the play of the Board Game. After which, the brochure along with a collar pin is meant for players to be officiated as an ambassador and a supporter of the movement.

The quality and colour is compromised and hence, I’ve placed more accurate versions in the PDF links below. Thank you!

Deliverable 1: Board Game, Chips, Instruction Manual & Cards

Size of Board Game: A2

Size of Instruction Manual: A4

Size of Cards & Chips



Instruction Manual Page 1

Instruction Manual Page 2


Chips to play with

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  1. Very happy to see your resolution! Thank you for seeing this through and thank you for pressing on!

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