Lesson 1: Blind Portraits Homework

Our very first homework! We were given the task of doing three blind portraits and it can be anyone. We must be honest in our drawings and not cheat because what is the point of cheating when you won’t learn anything?

It’s time to put what we’ve learnt in class into practice so I decided to draw my dad first. This is how it turned out.







Don’t mind the dirty picture. Got some charcoal on it for some reason. The most challenging part of the drawing have to be the spectacles. I have no idea where I am drawing at the point of time but I do my best to focus and move my hand at the same speed I am moving my eyes. If it is at the same speed, the drawing will more or less be accurate.

Next, I drew my brother.



I realised that the hair was an issue to me. I didn’t know how to draw the hair as I wasn’t looking at the drawing. For this drawing, I drew his eyes too big from the original and also the lips were too thick.

Lastly, since I’ve drew two males I decided to try to draw a female as I heard that it is more difficult to draw a woman so why not?

Presenting my mom:

As you can see, my drawing isn’t really getting any better. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t focused enough? The hair really is a difficult thing to draw. I tried to draw the outline first before filling it up but apparently it doesn’t work out. I tried to get every detail of her face including the earrings and the lines on her face.

All in all, I find this homework exercise really interesting as blind drawing was not in my mind at all when I think about drawing a subject or an object. It really teaches me to focus on the subject really closely if not you will just be lost halfway and the drawing will be screwed up.

Lesson 1: Blind Drawing Exercise

Our very first art lesson of the semester! It was a little nerve0wrecking as I have the mindset that I have no talent in drawing at all and that I will do pretty badly in this module but I try my best in all the drawings that I do.

The first exercise we were asked to do in class was to draw our shoes using a continuous line. This is what I drew and it looks pretty okay I guess but you can tell that I wasn’t confident as I keep going back to the same line again and again.IMG_3559 2Right after that, we were told to not look at our drawing at attempt to draw our shoe. I was surprised at the exercise but did it anyway. The bottom of the top picture was the result of my ‘blind’ drawing of the shoe. I can roughly tell that it is a shoe at some parts.

We started doing more drawings ‘blindly’ and the next exercise was drawing of a hand. First, looking at the hand and you are able to see what you are drawing. Then after will be the blind drawing. So the outcome turned out as shown below:


I was pretty satisfied with the first hand that I drew even though it is a little out of proportion. The ‘blind’ hand was completely off for me. It was probably that I wasn’t focusing enough?

The last exercise was to draw another person in the room without looking at your drawing. Now this is a tough one because there are so many things to draw on a face. The facial features and everything must be captured without looking at the drawing. That’s a tough one. The outcome is as shown below:


I believed I’ve tried my best. This is my first art lesson after all and I hope to improve my drawings slowly and surely after every lesson.