Kissing Machine. Final Project Development Body Storming [Y1: EI]

💋  a combination with Hamimah Salim

Body Storming Documentation Video:

Design & Photographs


  1. What did you learn from the process?


All the elements of our interactive object are influencing participant’s behaviour. For example, where we place the instruction, what kind of chair is provided for the participant, etc. We didn’t think of how these minor setting could affect the result before the body storming section.


In interactive design, the designer doesn’t have the ability to control how the participants use the objects. Sometimes their did something that we as a designer didn’t taught off which is nice because we get to see things from other perspective.


2.  What surprised you while going through the process?


I never thought that the participant would let the prototype kiss on her lips. The audiences were very engaged in our interactive session, I think we successfully attract people’s attention and interest by this idea.


During the process, me and emma was extremely surprise with the participant response towards our object. However, it was a good outcome because we realise that maybe our design have lead to these actions or maybe people just have creatives reactions.


3. How can your apply what you have discovered to the designing of your installation?

In order to observe how people will interact with our design, we are going to put a small note of instruction at the bottom of the object. So, it really depends on the participants to follow the rule or not. Also, the scale of the design will decrease, make it slimmer and a better focus on the pair of lips.


Perhaps we can improve in the composition of our installation to not mislead the participants.

Notes taken

What do you think went well?


  • Nothing confusing
  • Sound a bit slow
  • Intention: to embarrass more fun than anything
  • Problem: hygiene
  • What is essential material – waterproof clean – can use lip mask


Is it supposed to feel like a pair of lips?

  • soft more personal
  • Like a kissing booth
  • Like a goodnight kiss
  • Can put any part of body cheeks or lips

Why did ZK put lips

  1. because symbol of lips on object
  2. surface of box – 3 sides of flat surface without anything else. Flat is prominent. Hence, tendency to associate object with lips
  • Take note this is a rotating chair
  • Scale a big big for the lips
  • Sound
  • Makes it more fun
  • Very horny kissing sound, very cartoony something you expect & find it funny
  • What feeling do you want people to walk away with? Funny or comfort
  • First move of comfort now fun

So is it provocative or dark? Though it was provocative – idea of consent


If add mannequin face, a bit dark

  • -> robotic lips?
  • Face would be good
  • female/ male face?
  • Conversation about human & technology
  • Sex robots in Japan

-> person who kisses gives you comfort -> not the kiss itself


Purpose depends on user

-> some thinks is a kissing practice

-> should make a booth in private & camera to see what they would do


Can add lipstick

  • quite gender specific
  • What if different gender?

-> will leave a mark on face

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