Project 3 – The LIBRARRRYYYYYY oh yeah

Hello Class!

Hope everyone had a good weekend as usual.

This is the last and final project for Foundation 4D *Sobs*

Anyway I visited the ADM library last friday and did my fair share of recce and research. As of now I am still quite unsure of what I really want to explore and do for my final project yet. But I believe a sudden inspiration will come to me. I am sure of it. It always happens.


Architectural Layout of the library:

Ok it was pretty decent. The area is very well organised and structured. Upon entry there will be a map to show you exactly where to go to so you don’t have to worry if you are a first timer to the library.

Map of library

The area are divided according to book ares, studying area, printing areas, and video rental/viewing area. I think there is even a theatre at the top which you have to book in advance. Would like to try it out some time!

Overall the place was clear and not easy to get lost even if you want to. Probably because it is one of the smaller libraries in NTU.


Furnitures, fixtures and layout spotted:

There are cushions, shelves, study tables trash cans, power plugs for convenience and most importantly sufficient light for conducive reading. 

I noticed that at the books area there are beanbags and comfy cushions for students to use. It can either be a rest area or somewhere to do their work comfortably without getting the feeling of being in the library.



There are more lights at the study areas and dimmer lights at the books area. Which make sense because you need lights to study. But don’t you need ample lights to find the books you want too? Hmm.


Study Area


Book shelf


The spiral staircase leading up to the theatre do contribute to the overall aesthetic of the library. Very nice implementation in my opinion.

Many chairs available for studying.

There is even a study table created for anti socials. 

Solo study table



There are also mounts (or whatever they call that) for shorter librarians I guess ?


Stand for Short librarian


There are of course Sufficient computers available for use. So far I haven’t been in a situation where I actually have to wait to print something. Computer stations are readily available which is worth praising!

Not to forget the Self checkout machines and cashcard top up machines too 😀


Printing Area

Topup machines



So..What surrounds the place?

There is only air of silence. Nothing much. Its a library after all. Actually it seems too formal and mundane. Library is a place where designers and content creators seek inspirations and ideas from. We need to instil some element of fun inside. The traditional, gloomy library reeking of old books doesn’t work anymore.

Physically the place is filled with a wealth of materials ranging from books, periodicals, magazines, newspapers and video aid.


Who goes there?


Most of the time its students of ADM who visits the library (DUH). And sometimes residents living in the nearby halls like hall one and two also visits the library for study and research purposes. During exam periods however, its seen that students from other schools also come to the ADM library for studying purposes and for printing assignments.

The people behave very appropriately in the library. Which is good. Good upbringing singaporeans.


How was the level of interaction between people and the library?? 

Level of interaction was FINEEE. Students can be seen browsing books (less of leisure, more of researching material for assignments as interviewed and observed).

One thing to note is that there is little to no interactivity at all at the AV section. There is a huge amount of videos and DVDs that are relatively informative, but people tend not to give them a try. This might be one area I am interested to explore and target at.


After awkwardly asking some people about how they view the library as , the main points summarises as follow:


Good place to chill after school/in between lessons

Convenient studying area as it is just across the street (live in hall)

Mainly here for the printing services. If not wouldn’t step into the library. 

Its a nice place but students are mainly here for the studying area and printing services. the main value of the library which is the books and wealth of information is not the main reason why most students visits the library. 




My creative goal:


One thing that caught my attention is the huge amount of space behind the AV corner.

Open space

I think its a waste of space and resources.

And because a lot of people are not aware of or simply uninterested to explore the AV areas, I was thinking of moving my approach towards promoting the wealth of AV resources in the library. 

As of now I do not have a clear concept yet of how I want to do it. 

But I was thinking of doing a series of image sequences with interactivity and engagement with the viewers.

Initial idea was to create a Tree with images/film strips hanging from it, maybe with a short narrative and meaning behind it. there will be a short writeup on the installation to allow viewers to understand the work. as of now, the concept and content is still undecided at this stage. 

Why trees? its all about the roots and how information branches out and everything 😀 Trees are always meaningful when it comes to knowledge related stuff.


Still brainstorming for ideas at the moment. I believe I need some consultation from Michael.












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