Sooo….Whats my Point of view??

Hello everybody!!

Good to see everyone again on OSS! Last week’s class presentation was really awesome and it was also a good chance to see what my fellow classmates have came up with for their 18 ideas! Some of the idea were really fresh and creative and I would have never in a million year thought of that. Anyway here is a simple and short update on my research and brainstorming process so far!

In my brainstorming session I came up with a pretty neat list of objects, then narrowed down to 3 , namely Computer, Diaper, and Muscles.

Eventually I leaned more towards Computer because its my passion and I really love computers!

Also, one of the reason was because computers of all sorts are so important in the modern day era. With the rising technology, no organisations can live without computers don’t you agree?

Hence, I decided to take something as important as air, and give it 18 perspectives!




They are,

A computer from the point of view of ___________ is _____________

Gamer, World of Fantasy

Engineer, Creation

My mum, Jigsaw puzzle

Keyboard and mouse,  a relationship

electric plug, overheat

university student, encyclopaedia

bill gates,  Money printer

my room, limelight

a child, gaming console

cat, A cosy bed

my eyes, UV rays

a caveman,  useless plastic box

the earth, series of network

fingers, whack-a-mole

factories, giving birth

Tony stark, easy as ABC

virus, opportunity

Prisoner, freedom,

And there are some ideas that I was randomly doodling when I had this concept in mind! 20160228_001053


Which are the 6 I’ll use? Well Im not sure yet, as I don’t want to restrict myself for the time being! Perhaps I will make up my mind after the consultation on recess week !


Also some of my random ideas on Diapers and Muscles! Just for fun I sketched out some ideas too but ended up still leaning towards the computer side! Maybe Im an innate geek.




They are,

Diapers from the point of view of ___________ is ___________

Baby’s butt, armour

baby’s poop, home

Mum, insurance

Muscles from the point of view of __________ is ___________

ant, mountains,

bodybuilder, Hardwork

small shirt,  overload

child, swing



The Artist reference/Style of approach


I do not really have an artist reference at the moment, however what I want to try for this project is something I haven’t done before, and that is to draw out the composition by hand, scan it into the computer then proceed to colour it on photoshop. It might sounds easy to some, but for me I wasn’t skilled with photoshop to begin with. Im still learning and I believe by the end of year one I should at least level up to a better photoshopper!

Anyway Im looking forward to having fun with the colouring!


Here are some examples of images I found online. Very similar to the style I prefer, but who knows, I might take some ideas from each piece and combine them together?



Really like this kind of comic/cartoonish style postcard.



If there is one similarity across my project that is cuteness. I tend to lean towards producing work catered towards children in mind. Im not really an artsy or abstract guy if you have not realise!





In conclusion, I will be updating my work in progress on OSS should there be any outstanding ‘upgrades’ to my ideas after the consultation! And of course my delivery style well, it doesn’t necessary have to be funny but at least I would like to keep it light hearted and to engage my audience on a more informal manner so they too, can feel comfortable and enjoy the process of communication between me and them ^^


Okay goodnight everyone have a good rest! Enjoy your Recess week (while you can) !




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