Month: February 2016

Sooo….Whats my Point of view??

Hello everybody!! Good to see everyone again on OSS! Last week’s class presentation was really awesome and it was also a good chance to see what my fellow classmates have came up with for their 18 ideas! Some of the idea were really fresh and creative and I would have never in a million year thought of that. Anyway here… Read more →


What is UPPP my fellow handsome and beautiful classmates. Congratulations to all of us for completing project one! I think everyone did a really good job! I really enjoyed this project, and most importantly my favourite part of the project was actually the day of the critique session because it allowed me to get to know every single one of… Read more →

The singapore Diary – Enter the Emperor’s home

Hello my dearest Handsome and pretty classmates and tutor. Hopefully all of you had en enjoyable Chinese New year gaining weight. This is the research and also the first part to the upcoming project two!   To start off the project I have been brainstorming for some ideas about Singapore as a home in general. Singapore, or Jurong in particular… Read more →

Project 1 UPDATES YO

Hi everybody, hope all of you my dearest handsome and pretty classmates had a wonderful chinese new year gaining pounds after non stop eating of food and steamboats. Nonetheless its time for another update of my project one. After the group consultation last week I have compiled and recorded some pointers and very useful suggestions from both Joy and my… Read more →

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