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4D Project: A Chinese Garden Documentary

Title: A Chinese Garden Documentary Medium: Video – In a form of parody/light hearted commentary Description: This project aims at exploring Chinese Garden, which is one of the lost tourist attraction in Singapore. The Chinese garden lost its popularity over the years and is now a ghost town almost every other day. This video commentary aims at telling interesting stories… Read more →

The singapore Diary – Enter the Emperor’s home

Hello my dearest Handsome and pretty classmates and tutor. Hopefully all of you had en enjoyable Chinese New year gaining weight. This is the research and also the first part to the upcoming project two!   To start off the project I have been brainstorming for some ideas about Singapore as a home in general. Singapore, or Jurong in particular… Read more →

SAM Trip Yo !

Sooo it was quite an eye opener for someone who hasn’t stepped into the museum his entire life. This is one of the first thing that attracted me.   A travel without Visual Experience: Malaysia      So this installation is from an artist by the name of Pak Sheung Chuen, titled A travel without Visual Experience in Malaysia. The… Read more →

Groovy Steps Yo!

First day of school, first class of the module, first dance LOL. Ok this is so awkward but oh well! 20160111_145646-2 (   Hope you aint too traumatised by my ‘sexy’ dance LOL. Have a nice day!   ***A 4D project that I felt memorable and enjoyed the most due to the amount of fun accumulated during the 3 stages… Read more →

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