Homely Research !!



This post will contain the images for my homey project. This series of image is suppose to contain the daily routines of my everyday life on average.


This routine is a cycle. These are the images.


It usually starts off with me in school on a typical day.




After a hard day in school I would usually get home and the first thing i would do is to work out a little to destress after a long day of studying!



I would then proceed to study and do my work on my work desk.

Occasionally I would be so stressful and out of creative ideas that I would look up to seek inspiration and motivation from my army photo! Sometimes I would think to myself, if I could went through two years of that, then certainly schoolwork and projects is nothing!!


rsz_4d_project_-_army rsz_4d_project_-_editing_suite


Sometimes I take a break and play with my cards. No Im not a gambler, magic is my hobby!




Finally I would rest on my bed when its time to hibernate and recharge to get ready for another day!




Because of my father’s work, this is what I would always see when I was younger. Every night he would come home late to check on me, only to wake me up with a streak of light. When he was at his busiest peak, I never really got to see him daily, except for this image, which left a deep impression in me till date.




Finally The day end. And the next day I would leave home for school or work again. And it repeats like a cycle, all, over again!




This was certainly a fun project which allowed me to think about my daily life and how it influenced me in one way or another!





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