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Final Project – ZINEEEEEEEE

What is UPPPP my dearest pretty and handsome classmates. As we approach the end of Foundation 2D as well as end of year one , I would like to say thanks for being such awesome and supportive classmates. I appreciate all feedbacks, encouragement, suggestions, advice and critiques during every session. it was definitely fun working with all of you and… Read more →

Perspectives Project CHECKED!

what is up peoples of the Joyful 2D class ! Once again we have come to the end of a very amazing project process. This project enabled me to view things from the out of the box perspective. In this case, the object that I have chosen for my work is the Computer. Computers are part of an everyday object of… Read more →


What is UPPP my fellow handsome and beautiful classmates. Congratulations to all of us for completing project one! I think everyone did a really good job! I really enjoyed this project, and most importantly my favourite part of the project was actually the day of the critique session because it allowed me to get to know every single one of… Read more →

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