What is UPPP my fellow handsome and beautiful classmates. Congratulations to all of us for completing project one! I think everyone did a really good job! I really enjoyed this project, and most importantly my favourite part of the project was actually the day of the critique session because it allowed me to get to know every single one of you better now! 🙂

So its the end and here are the summary/rundown of my final four compositions!

First of all, my recurring theme would be a taking it to a more kiddy feel. I base my inspirations upon ‘Finding Wally’, a children’s book where you have to search for a dude amidst the crowd. Im not making my viewers ‘find’ my name amidst hundreds of other names because that would be boring but, you get the idea!


#1: I love solving the rubies cube.



I particularly love solving the rubiks cube and have been doing it since young. And because Im a magic lover, I incorporated rubiks cube into a lot of my tricks too (ask me to show it to you the next time you see me!)

Anyways the random falling cubes are to represent the randomness in my life and to give and idea of how unpredictable life is. Like the rubiks cube, there are certain problems or obstacles we face in life. The more we deal with it, the harder becomes to solve,like a cube. But at the same time, the more we deal with it, the better we get at it as well. This is called EXPERIENCEEEE.

This composition I feel best represents my life in a certain sense. Oh and in case you are wondering, my initials ‘LZT’ I hidden in the main cube in the foreground, in a form of yellow, red, and blue colour respectively.


#2: I Have Trypophobia



Come’on who are you kidding, you don’t have Trypophobia? Stop acting tough. This composition was physically taxing as I had to cut the holes on the paper one by one using precision penknives and scissors for certain parts. The background was coloured in the colours of the rainbow because rainbow is universally beautiful to everyone.

The first thing you say when you see a well formed rainbow is OMG ITS SO BEAUTIFUL!  And thus I would like to implant this idea into my composition. Putting disgusting holes into something as beautiful as the rainbow is trying to convey the message that no matter how nice something is, the clusters of holes that I fear will always make it scary.


My initials ZT is hidden and coloured using the black.


#3: I am currently on diet



This is one of my favourite conceptually. It just happens that all alphabets in my name ZACTEE are able to be created using purely the restriction signs. If you look carefully, those signs that letters of my name appear on are the ones that refers to things that prevents food or eating.

Like no icecream, no food and drinks, no alcohol.

It is to show that I am indeed on diet and that No food and drinks for me at the moment! The background are actually layers of my fats. I’ve counted. I have 3 layers when I am sitted. Don’t judge me.

The burnt marks were done using lighter to illustrate me burning my fats.

Im currently trying to slim down. My BMI is unhealthy and my overall body fats…i don’t wanna say but I might be on par with a well fed hippopotamus.


#4: I was a Gunnery Instructor



Well all guys went through the NS, so do I. Well honestly It hasn’t been really tough for me because I manage to do well in the exams and got into a training school to become an instructor. Being an instructor is every combat fit NSF’s dream trust me. You get to do so much and have way better life then most people.

I was a gunnery instructor in armour and thus the Tank design. My name is within the digitalised camouflaged design so you have to find it yourself! There is ADM at the top right hand side. This is also to symbolise that after the tank move away, I will be left behind to join the school, signifying me leaving the service and embarking on a brand new journey to school :)!


Finally as a conclusion, I would say the entire process was very good and fun! I managed to try different mediums and even explored bit of the stuff which I never knew I could. I Guess this is what schooling is all about, exploring different styles and techniques and hopefully finding one that suits me the most when I graduate from the school 4 years later !



Once again thanks to anyone who is reading this post right now, really appreciate it, and looking forward to seeing all of you for the upcoming classes! Project two seems really fun! The thought of perspective is just got my creative juices flowing!!!!

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