Small updates on Project two…

Hows life humans? Hope everyone is enjoying their fair share of recess week thus far!

After the consultation with Joy I was kind inspired with the amount of subtlety I could add into my compositions. Computer is a complicated invention and there are lots of things that I could play with to enhance my composition.

Here is just a simple update on the 6 final composition I am intending to do. Well its just thumbnail at this point in time as I am finalising some last final ideas to be incorporated, then i will Draw and scan them into my computer for photoshop colouring.




Some new ideas that I will implement includes a chronological order of how the Windows Operating System improved over time, and how computers actually looked like. Also there will be a very simple and subtle narrative going on.

I was still thinking about the colour themes that I am going for and Decided that It will go from not so vibrant to the more vibrant in the present (well computer’s in the past did not have such high resolution as compared to now so once again showing chronological order in process. )

Recess week was so packed! Nonetheless have fun everyone and see you all back in school!


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