Comments from Verena for your works from 2 weeks ago! few updated

By: Ina Conradi |

Prof. Verena Kraemer
Tue 22/10/2019 02:31
Dear Ina,

here are my comments:
Clockwork > nice atmospheric light and textures
please test it in Elphi Simulation with cashier windows and doors
maybe not so dark (leave a bit of shimmering light behind the spot lights)
Silk S2 > to fast
Painting Tan Chloe: nice artwork, animation not clear (just light?)
Nexus: that will look very well on the screen
Transition to the next picture is to rough though
Jamie: take care at the camera movements
beware of too much bright space in the composition
beware of too much bright/light space in the composition
as the screen is very big, it will be like a flashing light source
Elli Liu: very nice particles work
but still try to slow down the particles animation
Mountains: mouvement even a bit slowlier
dragon scale: very interesting texture
inside dragon: put it in simulation / bright light location
lovely colours, but the saturation will be maybe a problem.
you could leave the single shots longer than they are now


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