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By: Ina Conradi |

Dear All,
One of the largest multimedia entertainment companies in the world Moment Factory confirmed that they would visit our class in 2 and 1/2 weeks on 8 October! They are setting up the studio in Singapore and will be working with Changi.

They have created all the Content for Changi Terminal 4 and Jewel. They are also behind Los Angeles International Airport LAX experience.
In preparation for their visit, we need to complete at least 30 sec or at least first clean, clear concept demo on how the works will look in Germany on Elbphilharmonic.


See plans for the next few weeks:

Tuesday, 24 September, Week 7
Attendance Mandatory 
Class Critique of Storyboard /assets/ prototype to be addressed in preparation for review with Moment Factory (8 October)
– Show evidence on a series of 1) digital illustration 2) test on methods (software exploration)
– Show the rough low-res flow JPEGs of the final works- proper storyboard.

Clara and Qayyum will be demoing Trapcode and helping with tools.
Homework: Digitize your assets as a time-based media.

Tuesday,1 October, Recess Week
Mandatory Consultations sign up
Homework: Prepare one JPEG or short clip 30 seconds to be previewed on the larger scale on NTU Media Art Nexus (Resolution 3840 by 480).

Tuesday, 8 October, Week 8
Attendance Mandatory 
 Moment Factory representative visit.
Informal Review of your animation/time-based media by Moment Factory .
Homework: Prepare short clip 30 seconds to be previewed on the larger scale on NTU Media Art Nexus (Resolution 3840 by 480). This test will be the first review of how your art looks larger! We will be testing speed colour and size/scale.

Submit by Tuesday, 14 October by 9 am.

Tuesday, 15 October, Week 9
Attendance Mandatory 

Testing prototype on MAN: we need to see your works LARGER and not only on a small monitor! We will take your art to MAN at NTU North Spine.
Homework: continue refining animation towards the prototype
Exhibition Tasks: submission of materials for web site (profile pick, bios, abstracts).

22 October, Week 10
Overview of Details for Changi
Preparation of files for web site and catalogue

29 October, Week 11 testing on MAN
5 November, Week 12 Critique informal and Rendering
12 November, Week 13 Rendering

Week 14

Monday, 18 November, @ noon final remote Submission on Gdrive.
Final submission of time-based media duration 2 min.
Wednesday 20 November ADM Exhibit.

Thursday 21 November Attendance Mandatory
Exhibition in Singapore and Germany.
The show opens in Germany and Singapore (time to be confirmed tentatively at 8 pm)



Rendering for Changi
Final remote submission for Changi to be confirmed 

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