Please Use Valuable Resources

By: Ina Conradi |

Dear all,

Please note that I have uploaded the following items on NTU Learn due to size exceeding the OSS limit.

NTU Learn> Assignments under the Project 1″Typo“, and/or NTU Learn> under the Presentations.

  • Lecture on Semiotics the theory of sign titled “Form, Content, Context” ( low res-mandatory to read)
  • Theories of Image and Text (mandatory to read)
  • Image and Transformation (Icons of Design)
  • A Typographic Workbook (scan- really useful for creating new signs and symbols for your type)
  • Few pages scan from Sean Hall’s book “This Means This/ This Means That” (mandatory to read)
  • Rhetorical Figures (mandatory to read)

I will try to follow up with more reading materials that could help you in this project.NTU_Learn


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