WEEK 9: Update on submissions and homework due by Week 10

By: Ina Conradi |

Dear All,

Complete your Point of View for submission by next week:)
Upload your research and outcomes on OSS before Monday!

Just to follow up on today’s intro to Zines:

Zine Project Brief is uploaded on-line- on NTULearn.
Today in class We have discussed some of the ways to approach the content of zines. You can use your works from Point of View or Typography¬†Portrait or – you can go back to Ego…if works relate in a way…to create your zine.

Based on hard copies Zine examples given in class and Pinterest – select some examples as case studies.

NEXT WEEK: We will have 4 hour tutorial on InDesign by Vis Com Work Study. BE ON TIME – critique would start at 830 sharp..we need to move on into computer lab for demo by 9:30. We did critique today on the concepts so please note that we will NOT have critique next week just install finished works for exhibit type vieweing. We will serve lunch pizza in class due to length of the demo.



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