The 3 iDea™ (beat apple to it)


iDea One


Is it worth it to go to a restaurant? Will you be as satisfied as compared to going to a hawker center?

Is it worth it to break a leg to score a goal? Is it worth it to injure yourself knowing you will be unable to play for months?

Is it worth it to save an old lady? Is it to worth it to die saving her from a incoming car? is it more worth it to save a young child?

This first iDea aims at finding an answer to this (No Guarantee of success). It will be more of like narrative from the protagonist’s point of view. The protagonist is a person who aims at getting the most out of everything. E.g calculating the carbohydrates to dollar ratio in a hawker center, and others that i will make up along the way.

I plan to add in a bit of animation (if possible) for the inner voice, abit like lizzie mcguire (some realy old TV show).


iDea Two

The 2nd iDea is the probably a full animation similar to the one of NCH productions or the stickman one. Although I currently have no idea how to make my iDea work at the moment, I am willing to put time and effort into it.

The story will most likely be set in a fantasy world with cool battle scenes and other nonsensical nonsense.

I will make up other stuff as the weeks go by…


iDea Three



*WARNING! if you have read this far… The first two iDeas probably didnt appeal to you. This third one will blow your mind…(That wont actually happen, so I will blow in to your ear, which is connected to your brain, I think…)

There was an iDea…

To bring together the world’s greatest film techniques…

iDea Three will be a story where world’s collide…

As a kid… the Protagonist(Insert Name) has played with many toys…

As a teenager… the Protagonist(Insert Name) has played with many videogames…

As an adult… the Protagonist(Insert Name) has no idea what to play with…

So… It is time for Toys and the Videogames to clash….

(will include stop motion, animation and bad acting)


3 thoughts on “The 3 iDea™ (beat apple to it)

  1. Shoki Lin

    I like the first idea. I think that a character who is super calculative about everything is an interesting idea to explore. at the end of the story, It would be interesting if something happens that would break his belief about being overly calculative and the character grows as an individual.

  2. I think the first two ideas are interesting! Personally i like the third idea. I feel that using stop motion to show action play and how the world’s collide is going to have an interesting outcome! But maybe abit more of story will be better! Awesome!

  3. Jiahui

    First idea!!! I think it’s really cute!! I can imagine the character stopping at the road thinking, then all the possible scenes that he was thinking plays out in his mind. He then gets pulled back to the real world by loud boom or someone talking to him. It can be very funny, when you play with the tempo of the whole film. For example, at the start, you keep stopping the character (every few steps think a little) and then you let the stopping slow down, so when the audience think that ‘oh okay, there’s no more of the stopping’ and then you add the frequency of the stopping again. Like playing with the audience.

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