2D Visual Journal : The First Step.


*You are reading THE Visual Journal for 2D of Hong Li Peng. The language might be bad, the grammar might be worse then your grandma. BUT. It is a journal, that documents not only the writers works, but his thoughts, cause you cant read his mind, so he has decided to spend time typing it out for you to read.

and Joy.

The first assignment for Class G6.

“A line is a dot that went for a walk”.

Create 18 lines that give the feel of the 18 emotions given. That sounded pretty hard at first during the first lesson… Cause I thought everything had to be hand drawn. I also thought every thing had to be lines. I also thought that it had to embrace our emotions… Like draw it without thinking…Letting your emotions move your hand, with each stroke of the pen empowered with whatever you were feeling at the time.

And so after the first lesson… I tried… I really tried…


First try at letting my emotion take over…

I honestly tried… But I had no idea what i was doing… At first I waved the pen around randomly and stuff started to happen. However, the only emotion i felt was probably frustration. And to get rid of that, I just started doodling…

So i tried again…


2nd Attempt

I realized after the first attempt that not thinking was not possible. So I decided to take control and draw out the lines, just wondering how each line would look like if you had been feeling those emotions. I apologize for not completing it… I got lazy halfway… or one-third the way.


Absolute Crap.

I agree with Prof Ina. This was absolute garbage. It belongs in art hell. Arguably it could beat Sartan and reign supreme there, but we wont dwell too much into that.

Then on the 2nd 2D lesson, the class was introduced to mono-printing. Its a technique to get the texture out of objects, by pressing them onto a board with black ink spread on it. We were told to bring stuff to try mono-printing. Most people bought leaves from the nearby convenient ground. I stole my sisters ball of yarn. But Prof Ina bought loads of stuff for everyone to try out.


First print, with a string of yarn

So I made my first print…

It was cool. but it just looked normal to me… But something did catch my eye, which was the small strands of yarn. like those loose strands that appear when yarn meets velcro.

I liked those details. I liked the idea. So I set my target and goal for the line assignment. ( Which we found out that it can be anything). I was gonna bring out not just the texture of the object I was using, but create lines based on what makes it unique. Just like the loose strands for strings. Its something unique to that object. And that object was paper. I had almost infinite paper in the 2D room. No on else was using it. So I rolled with the paper towel roll.


Paper Roll

So I experimented. First by rolling up paper. I got the idea from brochures. When you walk by a shopping mall and people give you brochures, I liked to roll them up and swing them around, as you swing they get loose and create this sort of tower spiral thingy.


Paper Rose (Its not a cabbage)

I got this idea from a rose, no surprise there. The fun part was thinking how to make this effect. (No Video sadly). But it had to be an sort of alternate layer effect instead of random crumpling. I had to try a few times before i got the look I wanted.



And I ended the day with one last string print. For old times sake. I didn’t realize that it looked like blood vessels till people pointed it out. Adds to the Awesomeness.

So that concluded the first mono-print session. I had fun. I could see myself trying out so many different ways of playing with paper and making so many more prints, I looked forward to doing it more.

Sorry for the long post. No potato either