4D Assignment 2: As Seen by the Shin


*You are about to read and watch content produced by the Hong Li Peng. Be prepared to read writing so bad, it will make you question if the author is Patrick Star. This post documents the authors works and thought process. And Joy.

I thought of this idea on the MRT. I was wondering how antman saw our world, at that size and height. But I fear I would get into some trouble with marvel if I copied their marvellous Idea. So I moved upwards, literally, I went to the feet. So I ran with the idea, and It turned out pretty well.

Below the the first version of the final product, just a test to see whether it would turn out well. And Joy

Also the credits. Never forget the credits.

Jim as Random bystander

Jimmy as Random bystander

Tom as Random bystander

Tommy as Random bystander

Thompson as Random bystander

Thomas as Random bystander

Tim as Random bystander

Timmy as Random bystander

Ash as Random Passerby

Luffy as Random Passerby

Naruto as Random Passerby

Ichigo as Random Passerby

Professor Elm as Random Passerby

Spider Gwen as Random Passerby

Bruce Wayne as Random Passerby

Antman as Random Passerby

Luke SkyWalker as Random Passerby

Ironman as Random Passerby

Kamen Rider OOO as Random Passerby

Hatsune Miku as Random Passerby

Grass as Himself

Bench as Himself

Floor as Himself

Park as Himself

And many others.

Self Portriat work-in-progress. Titled ” Phones “.

1 Phone

There is no Phone in this series of photos, but a slipper is used instead to represent the uses of phones these days. This show the basic function of the slipper, which is for walking. Technically, you use your leg muscles to walk, but you get the idea. Just like a phones basic functionality is to be able to connect to someone via some form of signal, most likely a type of wave.

2 Phone

This is me drawing a straight line with a slipper. It was hard. But it represents how phones these days can be used as a ruler. as long as you buy the proper phone casing.

6 Phone

This is me using the slipper as a remote control, it took a while to get the wiring inside the slipper sorted out, but it managed to work after about an hour or so. This represents phones capabilities to be used as remote controls.

4 Phone

The slipper in this picture is used as a coaster. As seen in the picture, water droplets are condensing on the cup and dripping on to the slipper. This not only represents that phones can be used as a coaster, but are water proof. It would have been considered as sorcery or witchcraft in the past.

3 Phone

Some pots are pretty hot, but slippers can be used as oven gloves to protect you from the heat. This represents how heat resistant phones are these days, even if you run facebook, whatsapp, instagram, twitter, snapchat all at the same time, your hand wont burn from the overheating battery.

5 Phone

The slipper is used as a knife in the final photo. It took really long to cut an apple with a slipper. (PLEASE TRY THIS AT HOME) But the apple was rather delicious. This represents everything the phone can do nowadays, almost everything. Even though it may have deviated from its original purpose, the result was strangely satisfying.