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Memories… what if we could manipulate our own memories?

It is the year 2030.

The tech world has been constantly evolving, with newer technology and better inventions surfacing every year. This year though, something revolutionary had been created. The scientists had discovered a way to change one’s memories.

It all started with the study of dreams, a phenomenon that was not completely understood by the scientific community. It was already known that as one goes to sleep and has dreams, the events that have occurred that day or recently are stored in memory in a phase known as REM sleep. This is how we remember things better.

By interfering with the brain’s micro signals, we found out that we could not only change what the brain remembers, but manipulate what it already remembers, injecting memories or experiences that may have never happened before to that person. One could learn just by going to sleep, without having to even go to school to sit through lessons.

The applications were endless.

Peoples’ memories could be loaded into cartridges, just like thumbdrives. You could access your own memories, or others’ memories long after they die. It’s as though they were right here with you… or at least there is the remains of what they remember. Most people use this technology for good, keeping cartridges of their loved ones to remember them by. Most consider this to be a great invention.

However, there are those who use this technology for evil, exploiting it to change the memories of others without them knowing. This technology allows a person’s memories to be willingly deleted or replaced with something else.

Author: Yeo Ying Zhi

I like to develop games.

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