Zoom – Snap & Yeet!

A new version of hide & seek with Zoom as a tool. By Yen & Daryl.

To capture a screenshot of your opponent on your phone first.

1. All the players in the zoom call are to turn on their rear-facing camera.
2. The hider(s) has 30secs to first hide anywhere within the set constraints, and the seeker will look for the hider.
3. As the seeker moves around to look for the hiders, the hiders can move around to either avoid the hider or try to get a screenshot of the seeker on their rear-facing camera.

Voyeurism, Citizen Journalism or Cancel culture? People often take to filming or taking photos to document their arguments with service staff, to shame random offenders on the street or just to get a quick photo of someone attractive/unattractive. Uploaded to social media, the online community tries to track the culprits down and release their personal information for others to “shame” them; sometimes, this goes on to no end.

Video here. ft. Khairul.

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