Shea Chapter One | The need to improve

The broadcast of the tragedy throughout Shea meant for awareness inevitably brought about increasing worrying small talks throughout the world. Some of the Sheans who are more afraid of getting carried away to nothingness even resorted to sleeping outside of their houses and on the ground with fewer craters. Life is still pretty much the same except for the decrease in efficiency for some of the Sheans due to over-worrying that resulted in them being less motivated to do their respective tasks. This forced the others to have to work a little harder to make up for those who needed time to recover. But being a small and close knitted community, none of them actually mind.

Kappa is one of those Sheans who were working harder for the better of the world. Although he was quite taken aback and emotionally affected by the tragedy, he is well aware that life has to go on and he quickly moved on. More than ever before, he now has a higher purpose in climbing the Riahs. He starts to climb twice the amount the usually climbs in order to collect sufficient nitrogen for all those below. Although he no longer has the time to challenge himself and is unable to reach the height he used to be able to, he was actually getting stronger unknowingly.

Klaus, a Shean on the other hand, is a worrywart and one of those who choose to sleep outside of his house. He is a book lover and he loves gaining knowledge. The Shean who was recently thrown off was actually a friend of his and that made him realise the severity of the situation they were in. That gave him more purpose to gaining knowledge in hope to find a solution. Needless to say, the spot he choose to make his new resting spot a high ground right beside the library and was gaining knowledge at a much higher speed. Some times he even ends up losing sleep when he gets too engrossed in his readings.

It has been three days after the tragedy happened and Klaus was napping in the day as he was too exhausted from all his readings. He fell asleep right beside the mountain of books he has been reading for the past few hours. Without any warning, the weather got a lot more humid and the sound of gushing water was getting increasingly loud. All the Sheans knew what this mean. The daily flooding situation has arrived. But now?! At this hour?! All the Sheans started to panic and either went to take shelter in their respective Riahs or held on tightly to them. Klaus, who was fast asleep, was oblivion to it and was too tired to be awaken by the loud warnings from everyone else. Kappa who just came down from his 35th trip for the day, collecting nitrogen, happened to pass by and saw Klaus lying motionless on the ground.

Will Klaus wake up in time? (Roll two dice at and add the value of your agility to the final value. If it exceeds a value of 10, he wakes up and describe his choice of actions. If not, he will remain asleep. With barely enough energy to hold on to the Riahs himself to keep him safe and with the flood coming in in seconds, what will Kappa’s next course of action be?

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  1. Rolled dice
    4 + 6 = 10 (+2)
    Overall agility: 12

    “Scandent… petioles.. Adlumia fungosa… don’t wash my friend away….” muttered Klaus as he slowly opened his eyes from among the mountain of books he was reading. It was bright out and there was a loud humming noise like that of frequency and static in his ears. It turns out to be the other Sheans screaming and panicking, scrambling to a vacant vine. It slowly settled into his groggy sleep deprived brain, still blissfully (or horribly) unaware of impending doom. With a loud piercing scream in the distance, Klaus’ eyes jolted open. Reality settled in unpleasantly and he got up in one swift panicked motion, knocking over a pile of books aptly titled “How To: Hang In There – a guide to surviving Shean floods for dummies ”

    “HOLY CRAP HOW COULD I BE SO DUMB”, Klaus yelled angrily as he tried to gather his books into a hole in the tree trunk to prevent them from being washed away. Pages were flying and waters were starting to settle in, causing Klaus to be even more flustered especially since he wasn’t very agile to begin with. Ironically he was studying how to survive better in such situations but he made the worst mistake of falling asleep in one of the Dead Zones where there only escape was to climb really high up.

    In his fluster, Klaus didn’t seem to notice that Kappa was hanging onto a Riah from not far away, looking upon his flustered mess. Klaus had about a few seconds to go before the floods would wash him away and he had to get his hands onto a Riah and climb with all his might – or hold on for his dear life. Kappa seemed to be thinking about a plan to get them both up and away to safety while on the Riah. Klaus was probably really lucky because Kappa was a really good climber – hopefully this would get them both out alive without losing any more of their kind.

  2. 35th trip at such an early time of the day might have been a record even for Kappa.

    (OOC: …How do they collect the nitrogen exactly? In bottles? ..sorry ill keep pestering you with questions X”D)

    He was pretty tired, and was just considering a break. It’s about time to enjoy some of the abundant salty water anyways. Maybe make his way home with plenty of time to spare to avoid the daily flood, and come back to make a few dozen nitrogen trips more after that.

    However, he was about half way down the Riah when the signs of the flood started. He has no confidence of getting even to the closest shelter before the water hits, so he was resolved to just hold on where he was. He was tired, and the timing of the flood was early. But most Sheans are almost always prepared for the flood given that it is a daily occurance.

    Apparently not the Shean he spotted lying motionless on the ground between the piles of books. They didn’t know each other personally, but Kappa has seen him around. The memory of his face is blurred and mixed with the mountain of books it’s usually covered by.
    Kappa furrowed his brows. What was his name? Klaud? Kalus?

    Sincerely hoping he wasn’t riddled with some unknown fainting disease, Kappa was about to shout when he saw the Shean leaped to motion after a piercing scream from the distance. And then he was running around looking for a shelter— FOR HIS BOOKS?!

    Kappa groaned internally. This is no time for that, the flood is rising already. His frown turned into a full scowl when he see the flustered Shean trying and failing to get a grip on the nearest Riah.

    As the water rise some more, Kappa panicked and makes a split second decision, jumping towards the Riah Kalus (?) was on.

    In the process, he slide another half of the distance to the bottom, only slightly above the other Shean who is already submerged from the waist down. Kappa bent over as much as possible and held out his hands, calling out: “Klaud! Grad my hands I’ll pull you up!”

    (Kappa was probably more affected by the tragedy than he lets on, and part of the reason why he pushes himself so hard in the past three days was to avoid thinking about the implications of the incident. Acquiring more nitrogen was a help he could offer. Keeping the Riahs in the ground was not. Helping another Shean? Perhaps he could with some luck. )

    1. [OOC] It is okay! Ask more so it can set me thinking hahaha. They collect it by holding it in with their further expanded lungs from doing way more vigorous activities by climbing up the Riahs on a daily basis. Then after, releasing it by breathing the unused nitrogen out at ground level for it to linger and for other Sheans to consume.

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