Week 12: Final Revision

In the final revision, we decided to arrange the seats according to the spiral Fibonacci sequence ratio. Clusters of seats will be loosely dispersed around the space to allow individual groups of 2, 3 and 5 to gather within the space at a comfortable distance.


Fibonacci circular pattern sequence will demarcate the floor tiles to suggest the density of seat placement. This also gives a clean visual canvas to complement the main Fibonacci arc as illustrated by the overall seat arrangement.

Hidden Fibonacci arc can be found in the circle sequence.
Revised version (Top view)

Proposed Location:

Communal plaza of NTU North Hill, dimension at 6m by 11m.

Material Application:

  1. Frosted fibreglass shade for light shades / seats 

2. Assembling lamp shade to pole

We are currently working on the model rendering and poster layout. In the meanwhile, we’ll be printing model parts and construct the prototype over the weekend.

Stay tuned!


Author: Lau Yi Wen

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