TELE-DRIFT // the inner self




Azizah Nur, Minjee Cheon


For our network culture micro-project 3, we thought of taking advantage of the split screen to create symmetry. To create a symmetry or a mirroring image, we decided to present simple gestures so that the viewer will be able to understand what we are trying to convey through our live video. One example is clapping hands together.

Image of clapping hands together

After that, we created symmetry by showing half of our faces on each side.

Lastly, we each drew half of an animal, a portrait, and a scenery. We did not discuss what we will be drawing. The only information we shared was that Azizah will draw the bottom half and Minjee will draw the top half.



We had two takes and both were performed in separate hallways. For the second take, we applied an additional idea to use different color backgrounds. Azizah used the white wall as a background while Minjee used a black door.


The objective was to show how our inner selves are different and unique. We are able to copy other people’s actions, but we cannot lie to ourselves who we truly are. How we can copy other people are shown through the hand gestures and facial expressions while who we truly are is shown through the different drawings we drew.


Overall the performance was decent. Although our timings for doing our tasks simultaneously was not perfect, it was enough to get the message across. We could definitely see some improvements in the second take so we would be able to improve further if we have any more projects like this one.


1. We had difficulty mirroring each other. As we were in different places at the same time, it was hard to do the same actions simultaneously. The timings we matched prior to doing the live broadcast was hard to keep up with. Hence, we had to keep looking at the screen and following each other’s movement.

2. The first drawing of the animal was a failure because we did not rehearse before going on live. But after that, we know our mistake and overcome it.

3. Internet connection. This was something we did not have control over and did not take into account when we did decided to do the same actions simultaneously. Sometimes there were delays in the live streaming and made it more difficult to do the actions at the same time.


Despite facing some confusions like not knowing how to add another person to do Facebook live with, we enjoyed the process of creating a new space and trying to add meaning to it. Neither of us have never used Facebook live before so it was a new experience for us both.

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