Ego in Different Settings: Colour Harmony Research

henlo friends here is Big Wheel of Colours:


Occurs when the colours of a monochromatic palette all share a single hue, but vary in brightness and saturation.

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this is so pretty but there were no credits to the artist!! 🙁 make sure to credit artists pls Image taken from
By Jenny Wichman. Image taken from


Analogous colour palettes consist of different, but neighbouring hues.

The constant property can be either the saturation or the brightness level or both. Usually one of the three colours predominates.

Jo Lewis, ebb tide 1, 2012. Image taken from
By ZandraArt. Image taken from


WARM COLOURS: Vivid and energetic, and tend to advance in space.

By Alea Toussaint. Image taken from
By shopannshen on Etsy.

COOL COLOURS: Give an impression of calm, and create a soothing impression

By thebloomingorchids on Etsy. Taken from
By coolcolorl. Taken from


Complementary colours are any two colours which are directly opposite each other. These opposing colours create maximum contrast and maximum stability.

By Arkakoira on Photobucket. Taken from
By Amanda Figliola. Image taken from
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The split-complementary colour scheme is a variation of the complementary colour scheme. In addition to the base colour, it uses the two colours adjacent to its complement.

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Uses colours that are evenly spaced around the colour wheel.

Centre des Congrès, El Salvador. Taken from
Rainy Village by mochipanko. Taken from (Isn’t this the prettiest omg)

Blue, purple and orange are used in this illustration, with the hues slightly desaturated.


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  1. hey niki, the comment function is really underused here so i thought i’d leave a boop here!! great examples, man; they’re quite contemporary and very inspiring indeed!! really showed how important colour harmony is in communicating emotions

    1. HEY esther HAHAHA you made my day manz and thanks!!! like I made sure to stay away from classical examples in painting and things like that cos I wanted to make it more relatable I guess ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

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