[Locale] Final Work — Gallery!


‘Locale’ required us to pick a site to explore, quantitatively and qualitatively, its unique and interesting features. Part I of the project was to create a visually engaging presentation on our site, whereas Part II was to curate our materials to create a zine with abstract elements, about our location.

My choice of site was the Japanese Cemetery Park, an overlooked historical site in Singapore that was a site I often visited in JC for research. It houses Japanese tombs from the Japanese community that lived in Singapore before the war, as well as the Japanese war dead.


For the actual ppt file go here! You’ll be able to see all the neat transitions: https://tinyurl.com/nikis-graph-form

Do take note that the file size is kinda large: 211.6 MB. I’d turn it into a PDF but it was monstrous. Past 900MB kind of monstrous 🙁


For the zine I decided to concentrate on the historical aspects of the site, and designed each spread to be a different time period, with a different focus on unique Japanese visual elements of the Park.

  • First spread: Pre-war era
    • Karayuki in their kimonos, with kamon crests overlaid as patterns
  • Second spread: Wartime
    • War monuments erected in the park
  • Third spread: Post-war era
    • The prayer hall (mido) and flowers in the park
heres a weird edit. the colours are a lil off because of my filters :’)
Cover spread
First spread
Second spread
Third spread


Presentation process work

[Locale Part I] Process.

Zine process work

[Locale Part II] Process.


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