FYP Abstract (1st Draft)

Propose a project: What are the reason(s) or aims for doing project?


People assume things based on what they see most of the time, little do they know that their senses can be fooled easily. Thus, seeing becomes something that isn’t always about believing as how we see is based on how our minds perceives it.


When assumption is made, negative effects such as disappointments, miscommunications and wrong conclusions arises. Thus, the project aims to create awareness of own consciousness of seeings through colour illusion (lean towards colour interaction/constancy) because colour is often taken for granted as it is presented to us from birth. Colour plays an important and powerful role in the world we live in as it has the ability to change how people observe, think, feel and react.


Design/ Methodology/Approach How are the objectives achieved?

Include the main method(s) used for the project. What is the approach to the topic and what is theoretical or subject scope of the project?


The objectives are achieved through literature and non literature findings. The main method used would be specific surveys where it would focus on details of the viewers’ perception in terms of the experience of seeing. The other method is unstructured interview conducted in from professionals in the related field of studies to understand more about

For literature wise, books and articles would be used as evidences to support the idea and the non literature findings. All these would contribute towards the scope of the project that consist of the study of colour and its effect on individual perception.


Findings: What was discovered while working on the project? Analysis discussion results?


The most intriguing findings was relation to our eyes and function of our brain that changes our way of seeing. Mentioned by Rudolf Arnheim in the book of Art and Visual Perception, human see colour not only with eyes but with the brain as movement of the eyes is “reported to the sensory motor center of the brain”. The feedback that the brain received from the motor influences visual perception of which this perception does not “operate with the mechanical faithfulness of a camera which records everything impartially”. Therefore, the brain does not measure colours but it perceives based on given information from the eyes.


Originality /Value: What is new in your project? State the value of your project and to whom?


Colours and illusions has been explored by many yet it has not been dealt with as a project from another perspective. The project would bring individuals’ towards their own consciousness and this allows them to be more aware of their seeings.


Keywords: Keywords act as search terms and are like entry points to your project


Colours, Illusion, Seeing, Perception