Assignment 1: Visualization – Scale Drawing

We were tasked to produce a scale drawing of a household object in 3rd angle projection views, isometric view and 2 point perspective view. For my chosen object, I’ve decided to choose a gaming console to challenge myself in terms of technical drawing of curves and making it proportional.


Actual measurements of the gaming console on a rough sketch
  • The gaming console is an organic shape which is made made of mainly curves. It was quite tedious measuring the actual product accurately. For the scale drawing, I had to create points in order to form the curve as accurate as possible. It was challenging but it was a good practice for me to draw more organic shapes.
  • Scaling down the actual measurement to 0.9 was really difficult and I had to do a rough sketch to jot down the measurements so I’m able to produce a proper scale drawing for the assignment. 


  • Using an isometric paper really helped a lot to make it look proportional. However, I felt that my iso view could be better with more practice.
  • Initially, my 2 point perspective drawing was a little bit out of proportion and I was frustrated with trying to make it look decent. After numerous attempts and sticking to what I learnt about referencing to the 2 vanishing point, the outcome was good to me.
  • For this assignment, it made me focused on the technical skills. In addition, accuracy is essential in order for the product to look proportional. This made me appreciate the invention of 3D modelling softwares because personally, I feel that it is far more accurate than orthographic views drawn by hand.