Assignment 2: Form Making – Gaming Controller


To download pdf version of this file: ASSIGNMENT 2 – FORM MAKING – SITI KHADIJAH FINAL

Continuing from our previous assignment, we had to build a scale model of the chosen object design using blue foam. I’ve decided to choose the design inspired by the form of a crab as it’s visually and aesthetically appealing to me. Also, it brings an emotive aspect to the form as the navigation and movement features are strategically placed according to the placement of the eyes on the crab. In addition, I focused on the ergonomics of the gaming controller and refined the design to ensure it is comfortable for the usage.


The refinement process was on-going while I was creating the foam model to ensure the aesthetic and ergonomics is the best quality, given the time limitation. I had a few changes before I reached the final refinement form of the gaming controller (as seen below) and I was satisfied with the process. I’ve adjusted a few features and overall size of the form considering being able to create a better user experience for gamers.


The overall shape of my prototype is made out of blue foam and the features are made out of soft clay that hardens over time. 

After using the wire cutter to get the overall shape of my form, I did my first round of sanding however, I sanded the left side of the controller too much. To resolve the issue of asymmetry, I used epoxy to patch up the areas that have been sanded off too much.

To add the features of the gaming controller such as the navigation buttons and gamepad, I used soft clay to shape out the form of these features and let it harden over time. I did many rounds of sanding to achieve a smooth finishing but due to the color difference of the foam, epoxy and soft clay, I’ve decided to add two layers of wood putty and sand it once again. To add the grooves of the gaming controller, I used the automatic filer which has different sizes to create a small, thin indentation.

After the final round of sanding of the wall putty, I spray painted my prototype a glossy black and painted the features of the gaming controller. The last step was adding a matte varnish to give that cold and smooth finishing for my prototype. However, I felt like the varnish ruined the overall smooth finishing of my prototype and I should have stopped at spraypainting it black ): Lesson learned.




  • One of the challenges was being able to achieve a smooth finishing for an organic form like my prototype. Trying to sand the curves and the navigation buttons to achieve a rounded curve was tedious but I tried my best. In addition, I had to add epoxy due to over-sanding and I’ve learned to refer to the original sketch to ensure the dimensions is accurate to prevent such incident from happening again.
  • In addition, I wished I didn’t add the matte varnish as the finishing touch because it ruined the overall smooth and sleek finishing of my prototype.
  • It was a good experience trying to improve my model making skills and I’ve learned a lot of different techniques from the critique session with my peers.


Assignment 2: Ideation – Gaming Controller

For Assignment 2, we had to produce 40 ideation sketches of our chosen object – gaming controller. Our objective was to break up the archetypal components of an object and reconstruct them into a new form.


  • Form
  • Placement of buttons (In the most natural & comfortable way)
  • Gripping of the gaming controller
  • User experience (how they approach the object)



Using a plasticine sketch model to try various ways to approach and handle the object. 



Personally, it was really difficult to break away from archetype of the gaming controller and reconstructing the object into a new form. However, after noting down the essential parts of the gaming console (power button, led lights, joystick, and gamepad), it made the ideation process easier. Using inspiration from my surroundings and objects in our everyday life, I tried to incorporate the form and details of the objects into my ideation process. 

For my ideation, I wanted to make sure that the reconstruction of the gaming controller will still be organic while incorporating some curve lines. ‘Archetype’ and ‘Reconstruction’ was the main keywords and objective for this assignment. Overall, this process was challenging but I’ve learned to be avant-garde and try to come up with ideation that is not in the market as of now. 

Assignment 1: Visualization – Scale Drawing

We were tasked to produce a scale drawing of a household object in 3rd angle projection views, isometric view and 2 point perspective view. For my chosen object, I’ve decided to choose a gaming console to challenge myself in terms of technical drawing of curves and making it proportional.


Actual measurements of the gaming console on a rough sketch
  • The gaming console is an organic shape which is made made of mainly curves. It was quite tedious measuring the actual product accurately. For the scale drawing, I had to create points in order to form the curve as accurate as possible. It was challenging but it was a good practice for me to draw more organic shapes.
  • Scaling down the actual measurement to 0.9 was really difficult and I had to do a rough sketch to jot down the measurements so I’m able to produce a proper scale drawing for the assignment. 


  • Using an isometric paper really helped a lot to make it look proportional. However, I felt that my iso view could be better with more practice.
  • Initially, my 2 point perspective drawing was a little bit out of proportion and I was frustrated with trying to make it look decent. After numerous attempts and sticking to what I learnt about referencing to the 2 vanishing point, the outcome was good to me.
  • For this assignment, it made me focused on the technical skills. In addition, accuracy is essential in order for the product to look proportional. This made me appreciate the invention of 3D modelling softwares because personally, I feel that it is far more accurate than orthographic views drawn by hand.