Spotting D, SD and SO in Everyday Object Pt 2

Omg guys! Just finished the Yellow Ribbon Run and look what I found in the goodie bag ┬áHAHA! This interesting looking bottle is symmetrical but the odd negative space in the middle kinda kill the overall symmetrical shape of the bottle. ┬áThe left side of the bottle reminds me of a Banana though….. The middle negative space is, well, interesting in a sense that it was created to help the user hold on to the bottle firmly.

The Dominant is definitely the yellow part of the bottle because it has greater presence. The Sub-dominant is the black cap. I’m not quite sure about the Subordinate though… I was thinking maybe the Yellow Ribbon Logo?

What do you guys think? Please leave comments! (P/S: hello excuse me I’m helping you guys to add some participation marks so please comment cool)