Dance Lesson @ Recognize Studio

Recently interviewed Xiao Mei who has street dance experience of about 9 years. I ended up not only interviewing her but taking shots for two of her classes and joined her kakis for supper later on! Total of 4 hours spent! This are some of the raw clips I took of her [ Interview , dance segment and supper conversations excluded!]

Love how her music kept changing but still flowed into each other. This will make the editing easier! Some of the visual noise I shall need to edit over premier cc!~ Feedback on angles and shots will be great. Did a hasty job placing this together cause I just wanted something that flowed in some sense.


One thought on “Dance Lesson @ Recognize Studio”

  1. Hi Rachel, good start.  I’m hoping you got some mirror shots also !  Could be nice to see the class reflected/doubled.  Let’s discuss when you have a line together at class.  Best wishes, Paul.

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