Final Emulation – Cindy and Vivian


Hey all!

The reference of our emulation is from Benayoun Maurice, titled “Tunnels around the World”. (2013)

We liked and wanted to achieve the zooming effect of the images as a transition into another scene. For our emulation, instead of images, we used videos. And the trigger, using face detection instead of motion tracking. We also added sound elements to make it more interesting.

The following is our emulation titled “Travelogue”. Our intention behind this emulation was to provide a more interactive narrative to viewers. The rationale is that in any mode of story telling, if the audience does not pay attention, there is no engagement between the story and the audience. Therefore, we aim to strike a connection with the viewers of our emulation. This is done by using face detection as a trigger for the audio and transition of our video. (i.e. when viewer looks at screen, video transits to next scene along with audio, however when viewer looks away, the video just continues playing in the background but audio is muted).