Paper Boats


Paper Boats.

Here’s a documentation of my analog interactive space! A mistake on my part to not have anticipated the rain, and only water proofing the bottoms and not the top. But none the less, thankfully I have enough footage (thanks Kamarul!) to be put together into a video.

Instead of the initial idea of having a huge boat that was able to carry a person in it, (due to limiting finances) I chose to approach the idea differently by constructing several smaller scale origami boats instead.

Overall, I was quite happy with the results, (and would be even happier if I had made them fully waterproof), as even in that short amount of time that they were displayed, they were able to capture the attention of many passer-by, who stopped to take a photo even in the rain! I even saw a few tags on Instagram which made me more motivated to create a more lasting installation for my digital one.

Pitch Project


For the pitching of project ideas, I would like to suggest the following:

1 Personally, I would like to create an interactive installation that explores with the idea of Momento Mori, one that evokes potentially uncomfortable feelings of loss and empathy with the audience.

For the pair work, I would like to create a creative public space that encourages free artists expressions, like a lepak corner for artists to come together and share.

Human Robot Interaction



With regards to the works of Professor Louis-Philippe Demers, he explores a lot on the interaction between robots and humans (i.e. Inferno and The Blind Robot). What drives your intentions behind exploring this area?

It in intrigues me because of how people are willingly experiencing these, putting trust to the robots and letting the robots interact with them. To me, I would have my doubts going along with the movements of the robots, such as letting a robotic hand explore my face (as in The Blind Robot). Are people becoming to trusting on technology or do they have absolute trust the person that created it?

What are the key constrains that you have faced while working on the projects?