Foundation 4D Assignment

Foundation 4D Assignment 2


This is a short story about a man who constantly dreams of attaining riches and success overnight.

Beginning: Our main character found an a suspicious and abandoned bag in the midst of the park out of nowhere. Out of curiosity, he decided to keep it in hopes of finding valuables inside.
Middle: Our main character starts daydreaming about the different possibilities that could happen to him with his newfound riches. But things doesn’t go his way. Fortunately for him, it was just a nightmare!
End: Our main character realised he was late and so decided to hurry back home. But then dreams turned into reality as he tripped upon something in his path. It was the bag.

The moral of the story was that, people should not daydream about overnight success. The whole idea of time being used here is rome was built in a day. We that e reap what we sow, and there is no absolute shortcut to success.


Hope this video serves as a valuable lesson to those watching it, especially those still waiting for money descend from the sky.

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