Chapter 2: Discovery

After the break in at ELMT HQ, both of you still have no clue on who and what are The Horsemen. You both have then became best work partners and have been doing well in ELMT.

On the last day of 2030, both of you were in the taxi to HQ when FRISM has issued a threat notice from your handheld terminal, which says:

Suspected terrorist workplace
Location: Abandoned Factory along 13 Holo Lane
Mission: Recce and capture all suspects

With a tap of a security key on the taxi’s contactless reader, it activated a MANUAL MODE and the steering wheels emerged from the dashboard.

Both of you started speeding over to the location swiftly.

You were both the first to respond to the scene. 13 Holo Lane was dead, with no trees, humans nor sounds. There was only a small rundown factory which seemed to be abandoned a long time ago. With your weapons by your side, both of you approached the main entrance.

Once the door was breached, a security alarm had gone off. In the room, there were very old looking machines that were of older technologies. On a closer look, it seemed to be a makeshift laboratory with all the tech tools and devices. Loose and broken electrical wires were hanging above the ceiling and they were starting to short out with the high voltages passing through them. There was also a door at the far end that was probably faulty, as it kept on opening and closing.

It seemed that the suspected terrorists knew that you were coming, and left in a hurry. The lights and that the machinery were still powered on.

Just as your reinforcements arrive, the shutter came to a shut and locked both of you inside the factory.

Will you explore the area and find some clues on the terrorists or find a way to let your reinforcements in? (please use the image above to navigate)

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