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Project 4: Poetics of Time – Artist Reference, Process & Final

  Hi there! 🙂   In this last post for foundation 4D semester 1 🙁 , I will record down my process and final outcome.   ROOTS & DEVELOPMENT OF CONCEPT How This Project Came About This final project was inspired as a partial continuation of Project 1’s Task 1. It plays upon the ideas surrounding anxiety from within the… Read more →

Project 3: Impossibilities of Being – Mass Fishing

  PROJECT FINAL   The final product can be found as attached above.   Ideation: How the Concept Came About My selection of place for this project ended up being Antarctica. I did consider several other places I might’ve found interesting with revolving my project around. I constantly debated with myself on whether I should stick with my initial choice… Read more →

Project 4 – Research

  In this post, I will cover two artworks that involve the usage of time and space within their installations.   Pepón Osorio Born: 1955   A Little Context…  The artist was born in Puerto Rico and he is internationally well known for his works. He was trained as a sociologist which lead to him becoming a social worker in… Read more →

Scale & Framing: Exercise 1

Model/Partner: Tricia   IMAGE 1 In this shot, I wanted to zoom more into Tricia’s playful expression which is why I had the rest of the environment cropped out within the camera. A close-up shot of just her face wasn’t used because I wanted to establish the setting – that she was fooling around under the table cloth. If it… Read more →

Project 1: Picture Story – Curating Self

Hello! 🙂 In this post I will be discussing about my research and experimentation progress that has helped led up to my overall work series for Project 1: Picture Story – Curating Self. This task really challenged our mindsets of photography as we were taught to place more thought into the pictures we captured. Elements such as framing and cropping, subject… Read more →

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