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Looking under the Microscope SEM (Project 3 – SEM)

To recreate the SEM texture of an object

We had to recreate the texture and feeling of an object: to which I picked the human skin; for its coarseness and rough texture is interesting to experiment around with. I went along the lines of wanting to use food as a material since it is an area that I haven’t quite explored before yet.


SEM of Human Skin

20161013_134713 20161013_134746

Gathered some foam board and felt paper to experiment around with. I went with orange skin as the medium as I feel its undulations and roughness is best representative of the human skin’s characteristics.
I tried attaching the human skin together firstly through white glue, before I felt that the stickiness of it is not firm enough to hold the pieces together.

20161013_135017 20161013_135548 20161013_135751 20161013_140334

In the end, I figured that using the glue gun would be a better alternative.

20161013_140536 20161013_141056 20161013_154732 20161013_154754

Done with the human skin area, I figured I should venture a little more with the materials I have on hand.


Added the felt paper at the back like a backing to the skin; acting almost like the human muscle structure beneath.

20161020_162154 20161020_162204 20161020_162212 20161020_162219

It is definitely an interesting and different kind of project to endeavour; never quite did a project with actual food before so it was eye-opening. The glue acted as a deterrent for ants, and I suppose that orange skin is perfect for repelling ants as well.