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Making Something out of Nothing (Project 1 – 3D)

To recreate Animals / Humanoid-looking objects from Waste Materials

We visited the flea market on Sungei Road to grab some materials (bought):

  • Some old shades (as the lady bug’s potential eyes)
  • Some metal contraption from a bike (the red piece from the toolbox)
  • An old fishing reel


Materials all gathered here (with extras from home)


Prototype (Animal 1 – Ladybug Done!)

20160825_170405 20160825_170415


Top view from Front




Top View from Back



Made a small whale out of the remaining parts of what’s left.

20160825_174328 20160825_174331 20160825_174335Did a naked molerat from the bicycle parts I picked up, combined it together with the back of the torchlight.

It was quite an interesting project, since we had to work round what we had, and what could be found at the market. Hence we couldn’t plan ahead that much in terms of what possible animals we could do. It dawned upon us much later that the basic shape and essence of the animal was what was generally more important in terms of representing an animal (aka. the trunks of an elephant, the wings of a ladybug).

Stuck more to glue to connect the parts together, perhaps in future projects I can look into using other forms of medium to connect items.