2D Typographic Portrait Research

2D Research on Gestalt Psychology

Gestalt Laws:

  1. Law of Proximity: objects that are near or ‘proximate’ to each other tend to be grouped together.

  1. Law of Similarity: similar objects tend to be grouped together

  1. Law of Figure and Ground: identifying a figure from the background

  1. Law of Continuity: perceptions of connected and continuous figures to disconnected and disjointed ones

  1. Law of Closure: constructive or generative aspect of perception

  1. Law of Simplicity: elements are always perceived in the most easiest way possible

2D Research on Typographic Potrait


The above picture is a list of things I want to be or I am.

Below are some of the images from internet that inspired some of my work:

For slow runner, I initially wanted to use my name to form turtle shape.

For animator, this is using flip book to present the typography.

For comic lover, using comic style to arrange my name.

For happy, I want to try to in-cooperate English alphabets into my chinese name 乐.

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