4D ideation week 3

点虫虫 (Point the insect)


Rough translation: Point to the insect x2. (The insect) flies to lychee trees, the lychees ripen. Lots of lychees are picked that it fills up the room, with a little boy

The Game

  • Put an index finger on the child palm and sing out 点虫虫
  • The child is expected to quickly grab the finger after the first sentence of the rhyme
  • Move index finger away to avoid getting caught by the child

gif 3

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Overall idea: Comparison between the rhyme and the growth of a child &

the idea that this rhyme is passed on for generations.

  • Scene 1: A room with a child and his father. (点虫虫, point the worm)
  • Scene 2: A butterfly pupa hanging on tree branch. (点虫虫, point the worm)
  • Scene 3: The child playing the game with his father. (点虫虫, point the worm)
  • Scene 4: A butterfly pupa hanging on tree branch. (点虫虫, point the worm)
  • Scene 3 and 4 repeated a few times to show the comparison.
  • Scene 5: A butterfly emerged slowly from the pupa and flies to nearby lychee tree (飞到荔枝基, flies to lychee trees)
  • Scene 6: The child (slightly older) went out to the lychee trees to play. (荔枝熟, the lychees ripen)
  • Scene 7: The child always picked lots of lychee fruits back to his house. (摘满屋, Lots of lychees are picked)
  • Scene 8: A room filled with lychees with a happy child (even older) (屋满红,陪住个细蚊公, that it fills up the room with a little boy)
  • Scene 9: Everything disappeared. Only a old man (the child) in a room.
  • Scene 10: A voice called the old man “Father”. It is the old man’s son with his grandson.
  • Scene 11: The son offered the old man a bowl of lychees
  • Scene 12: The old man smiled. He looked at his grandson.
  • Scene 13: Old man played with his grandson the “point the worm” game (点虫虫, point the worm)
  • Scene 14: Ending in a room with old, son and grandson. (The rhyme continue playing in the background)

Stop motion animation film


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gif 1

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Yes, my style of drawing. Anyone wants to collaborate? 😀

I don’t mind working on other projects with animation stop-motion.

4D ideation week 2

Idea 1: Childhood rhyme

I want to make experimental music video on one of the Cantonese childhood rhyme that I have heard since young.

The name of the rhyme is called 點蟲蟲, which means point the worm.

Rhyme: 點蟲蟲, 蟲蟲飛。飛去邊﹖飛去荔枝畿。荔枝熟, 摘滿一包袱。

Rough english translation: Point the worm, the worm flies. The worm files to lichee site. Lichee ripen, (I/we) filled the bag with Lichee.

There is also a game which uses this rhyme to train children on their reflexes. The game is the adult would put an index finger on the child palm and sing out 點蟲蟲. The child is then expected to quickly grab the finger after the adult finished the rhyme, and the adult would try to avoid being caught by the child.

I want to incorporate the idea of this game and some of the images related to the song into the music video.

I am thinking of using a mixture of filming and stop motion animation in this film.

Idea 2: Bras Basah Complex


I want to film a experimental documentary video on the Bras Basah Complex. The Bras Basah Complex is built in 1980s. It is a famous place for students for books and art materials.

Inspired by the “5 minutes Museum” by Paul Bursh, I want to use similar style of filming (stop-motion) on Bras Basah Complex, to capture the  objects like books and people of that place.

Idea 3: Being Unique

Inspired by the short animation video “Eggplant” by Yangzi She (https://vimeo.com/145897706), I want to create a narrative story about being oneself.

I will be using colors to represents people different personalities. There will also be a main character that is trying to be unique but is discriminated by others along the way which he/she will try to resolve. As for the detailed storyline, i haven’t thought in-depth into it yet.

I am interested in using stop-motion animation on this film.

Thats’s all.