4D ideation week 3

点虫虫 (Point the insect)


Rough translation: Point to the insect x2. (The insect) flies to lychee trees, the lychees ripen. Lots of lychees are picked that it fills up the room, with a little boy

The Game

  • Put an index finger on the child palm and sing out 点虫虫
  • The child is expected to quickly grab the finger after the first sentence of the rhyme
  • Move index finger away to avoid getting caught by the child

gif 3

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Overall idea: Comparison between the rhyme and the growth of a child &

the idea that this rhyme is passed on for generations.

  • Scene 1: A room with a child and his father. (点虫虫, point the worm)
  • Scene 2: A butterfly pupa hanging on tree branch. (点虫虫, point the worm)
  • Scene 3: The child playing the game with his father. (点虫虫, point the worm)
  • Scene 4: A butterfly pupa hanging on tree branch. (点虫虫, point the worm)
  • Scene 3 and 4 repeated a few times to show the comparison.
  • Scene 5: A butterfly emerged slowly from the pupa and flies to nearby lychee tree (飞到荔枝基, flies to lychee trees)
  • Scene 6: The child (slightly older) went out to the lychee trees to play. (荔枝熟, the lychees ripen)
  • Scene 7: The child always picked lots of lychee fruits back to his house. (摘满屋, Lots of lychees are picked)
  • Scene 8: A room filled with lychees with a happy child (even older) (屋满红,陪住个细蚊公, that it fills up the room with a little boy)
  • Scene 9: Everything disappeared. Only a old man (the child) in a room.
  • Scene 10: A voice called the old man “Father”. It is the old man’s son with his grandson.
  • Scene 11: The son offered the old man a bowl of lychees
  • Scene 12: The old man smiled. He looked at his grandson.
  • Scene 13: Old man played with his grandson the “point the worm” game (点虫虫, point the worm)
  • Scene 14: Ending in a room with old, son and grandson. (The rhyme continue playing in the background)

Stop motion animation film


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gif 1

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Yes, my style of drawing. Anyone wants to collaborate? 😀

I don’t mind working on other projects with animation stop-motion.