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[4D] Final Project: 睡.shuì

This is a combined post by Francesca Nio Hui Shan | Guan Hui Boon | Jocelyn Sim Chun Wei | Yeoh Zhen Qi Our personal reflections will be at the bottom of our posts!   Introduction This installation explores the impact of sleep deprivation on students. In a competitive and demanding school environment, it is common for students to sacrifice… Read more →

[4D] Assignment 2 – Task 2: Research and Process

Be sure to watch my final work here before proceeding. Content Foley Sounds Research Ideation Making of Foley Sounds Post-Production   Part 1: Foley Sounds Research Foley is the reproduction of everyday sound effects that are added to film, video, and other media in post-production to enhance audio quality.   The reference that I looked to is Ben Burtt. He… Read more →

[4D] Assignment 2 – Task 1

  Brief: Reinvent a history for someone whom you have lost touch.   Ideation Brainstorming session: Actually a secret spy assigned to us, to protect us from danger. But once we are out of danger, they’re job is done and hence, we lost touch. Have superpowers Lost touch because they have a secret responsibility, unable to hang out as much… Read more →

[4D] Week 6 Class Activity: Six-Word Story

Ideation Broken heart, 45, WLTM (would like to meet) disabled man. When I saw this sentence, I was pretty stunned. But we (Jocelyn, Zhen Qi, and myself) were definitely unfazed by it. Determined, we started brainstorming and these were the ideas that we had.   Idea 1: This idea features a 45-year-old psychotic strong lady. In Chinese, we call them 女強人, which means… Read more →

[4D] Assignment 1 – Task 2: Research and Process

Overview Similar to Task 1, this will be a compilation of all the research, ideation and execution that went into Task 2. I will be kick-starting this entry off with research first, before elaborating the ideation and process in detail. Content of Task 2 (My World): Inspiring Photographers Ideation Execution Process Concluding Thoughts Part 1: Inspiring Photographers Maarten Mellemans Maarten… Read more →

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