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[EI] Play, Draw, Point – Final Write-up

‘Let’s Play Stranger Art is a collaborative performance inspired by the works of Blast Theory, a UK-based performance group that creates interactive performances that engage the public community in site-specific locations. Participants of ‘Let’s Play Stranger Art’ are to pick a random slip of paper with a description of a facial feature and draw that specific feature on a piece… Read more →

[EI] Symposium Hyperessay

Introduction In this hyperessay, I will be highlighting the segments of the symposium that stood out the most to me, namely Annie Abraham’s performance ‘Online Ensemble – Entanglement Training’ and two of Blast Theory’s works, ‘Kidnapped’ and ‘My One Demand’. All the works that will be mentioned have one thing in common – they encompassed the concept of DIWO and… Read more →

[EI] Ant Farm – Media Burn (1975)

About Ant Farm: Ant Farm is a collective of radical architects who were also video, performance, and installation artists but, above all, visionaries and cultural commentators. They are called ‘Ant Farm’ because it was the perfect metaphor to describe them – they were an active underground architecture group and collectivity was a way of life for them.   Media Burn… Read more →

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