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[EI] Play, Draw, Point – Execution

Members of Let’s play Stranger Things: Daphne Ngatimin Francesca Nio Elizabeth Quek Yeoh Zhen Qi   Inspired by the works of Blast Theory, a UK-based performance group that creates interactive performances that engage the public community in site-specific locations, we were assigned to re-create similar collaborative performances using Singapore as our stage. We will be using the social media, Instagram as a… Read more →

[EI] Annie Abrahams – Angry Women

‘Angry Women’ is a video installation by Annie Abrahams and 22 other women of different nationalities. This project features these women reflecting on their anger and irritation, then expressing these raw emotions in their native language in front of their webcams. The performance will come to an end when every single angry thought has left the women and this is… Read more →

[EI] Maker Culture – DIWO

Introduction to Furtherfield and DIWO Furtherfield is an alternative artspace that was founded in the mid 1990s. It aims to ‘connect people to news ideas, critical thinking and imaginative possibilities for art, technology and the world around us’. Therefore, Furtherfield is an open community that is not limited to artists only, but it also welcomes people from all walks of… Read more →

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