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[3D] Gaia’s Ikebana: 梅見/Umemi (Spring)

Overview Ikenana? Ikebanana? Ikebana? For this project, I’m excited to learn about the art of ikebana and explore ways that I can incorporate curvilinear volumes, food and industrial objects into it, all according to a season! Once again, this will be a content-heavy entry since I will be compiling all my research and processes into it.   Here’s the entry… Read more →

[3D] Two 3D Sketch Models (Remake)

I wasn’t satisfied with the previous sketch models that I made so here’s the remake!   Sketch Model 1:   2D Sketch Analysis   Hierarchy: D is cone, SD is sphere, SO is cylinder Joining techniques: Wedging and piercing Dynamic composition: Dependent   Sketch Model 2:   2D Sketch Analysis: I realised that the cone and sphere have the same… Read more →

[3D] Gaia’s Ikebana: Two 3D Sketch Models

Week 5’s lesson When I first heard that we are going to explore curvilinear volumes for this assignment, my mind simply went blank. Straight lines are difficult enough for me, and now I have to work with curves? This is going to be a huge challenge… Anyway, we learned how to sculpt curvilinear volumes such as the sphere, cylinder, and… Read more →

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