Category: Form and Visualization – G6

[F&V] Kinetic Beasts: Prototype – Process and Development

*Group OSS by JJ and Fran Selected Movements and Senses The initial movements that we chose were the dog’s running motion and flea’s jumping motion. However, we felt that these two movements didn’t have much co-relation with each other, hence we changed our selected movements to the dog’s scratching motion and flea’s jumping motion. After all, it is the flea… Read more →

[F&V] Kokopelli: Kokobelly Prototype

Looking down at his floppy belly, Kokopelli realised that he had been gaining weight! Hence, Kokopelli decided to make a belly workout gear to motivate himself to get back to shape! To challenge himself further, his workout gear has to incorporate the following sound qualities: squeak, elastic medium, and threshold of pain. And behold… join Kokopelli on his weight-loss journey and his amateur… Read more →

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