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[PD II] Red Dot Museum Field Trip

Out of the many interesting products on display at the Red Dot Museum, the most memorable product to me is the URI LED Light Bulb. The URI LED light bulb is designed by a Hong Kong-based design firm called NAP and has won the reddot award 2018 in the lighting category. Unlike a traditional light bulb, this light bulb is segmented… Read more →

[PD II] Aesthetics of Products

Dyson Pure Cool Purifying Tower Fan: I feel that the aesthetics of Dyson’s bladeless fan takes into account mainly the function and human factors. Despite having no blades, the fan still fulfils its function – blowing blasts of air into the environment. It is able to achieve this because of its hollow cylindrical design. This hollow design contributes to its… Read more →

[PD II] Harvey Norman, Courts, IKEA

Harvey Norman and Courts: Vacuum cleaners used to be large and heavy, making the experience of using it extremely clumsy. Moreover, the long cords often get tangled or caught around the furniture, hence the user would have to backtrack to unravel this mess. With the rise of smart technology, smart robotic vacuum cleaners can now save us from the hassle… Read more →

[HoD] Minimalism Art Movement

Overview     Minimalism (also known as ABC art, literal art, reductive art) is a major movement of postmodernist art. It started in the late 1950s but only peaked from mid to late 1960s. Minimalism artists created objects which often blurred the boundaries between painting and sculpture, and were characterised by unitary, geometric forms and industrial materials. There are three… Read more →

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